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On 10 November, the USAMMCE Soldiers conducted a Veteran’s Day Flag Ceremony to honor the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany. As part of the ceremony the worn flags of both countries were replaced with new ones. Everyone was invited to witness the ceremony and join Col. Erik G. Rude and Sgt. Maj. Lee R. Ridling in rendering honors. Col. Erik G. Rude, the USAMMCE Commander, spoke to the audience about the significance of Veteran’s Day, and he thanked all of the Veterans for their service.

USAMMCE Flag CeremonyUSAMMCE Flag Ceremony
USAMMCE Flag CeremonyUSAMMCE Flag Ceremony
USAMMCE Flag CeremonyUSAMMCE Flag Ceremony

USAMMCE participates in Pfaelzerwald Marathon in Pirmasens

USAMMCE participates in Pfaelzerwald Marathon in Pirmasens

On 13 September, 16 USAMMCE Soldiers, Airmen, and Civilians, divided into four teams, participated in the 10th annual Pfaelzerwald Marathon in Pirmasens, Germany.

The marathon was conducted over a three day period from 11-13 September with different events each day.

2940 runners, 450 more than last year and from as far away as Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich participated in the different events.
The marathon has been a USAMMCE tradition for years and serves as an opportunity to interact with the local community.
The USAMMCE teams did very well and two teams won trophies in their respective categories.
All USAMMCE participants had a great time.

USAMMCE hosts Silver Caduceus Society

USAMMCE hosts Silver Caduceus Society

On 14 August, Col. Erik Rude, the USAMMCE Commander, hosted a Silver Caduceus Society meeting on Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany

More than 35 Officers from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (21st TSC), Regional Health Command-Europe (RHCE), Public Health Command-Europe (PHCE), Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC), 30th Medical Brigade and its subordinate units, and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade attended the meeting. The focus was an Officer Professional Develop presentation on the "Promotion Board Process" and a tour of USAMMCE. Col. Rude, who recently participated in the FY15 AMEDD Lt.Col. Promotion Board, shared his experiences and provided insight on the board process, OER verbiage, DA Photos, and Officer Board Files. During the tour, the Officers, all customers of USAMMCE, were able to gain a perspective on how their medical materiel is processed and how it is shipped to their organizations. During the visit, there was also time for professional discussions.

front left COL Erik Rude, USAMMCE Cdr, front right, Lt. Gen. Andrew Busch, DLA Director

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Director visits USAMMCE

On 11 August, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosted Lt. Gen. Andrew Busch, the DLA Director, for a command brief and a tour of the facilities.

Lt. Gen. Busch visited USAMMCE as part of his European tour to DLA personnel and customers in Germany and Italy to assess DLA support to USEUCOM and USAFRICOM.


ROTC Cadets visit USAMMCE

On 5 August, USAMMCE hosted seven Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) cadets who participated in the Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) program. The cadets received the USAMMCE Command Brief and were taken on a tour of the Center. They also had the opportunity to ask questions about medical logistics operations and career opportunities in the Medical Service Corps. CTLT is a four week program that provides ROTC cadets the opportunity to experience leadership in Army units before being commissioned as officers, about 12 months after completing CTLT.

Major Rodney Linch (front), USAMMCE D&T, explains the distribution process.ROTC Cadets visit USAMMCE
ROTC Cadets visit USAMMCEROTC Cadets visit USAMMCE
Far left, Major Marc Welde, USAMMCE D&T, middle Colonel Eric Rude, USAMMCE commander


Mr. Richard Ellis, SES visits USAMMCE

On 16 July, Mr. Richard Ellis, SES, Deputy Commander for DLA Troop Support visited the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE).

Mr. Ellis came to Germany to officiate at the DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Change of Command. While in Germany he also visited the Special Operations Command, Europe (SOCEUR), the US Africa Command (USARFICOM), and the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (21st TSC).

Mr. Richard Ellis, SES visits USAMMCEMr. Richard Ellis, SES visits USAMMCE
COL Rude explaining our picking process to Mr. EllisMr. Richard Ellis, SES visits USAMMCE
Front tow middle COL Erik Rude, left, Mr. Richard Ellis right, rest are USAMMCE division chiefs and DLA personnel

left to right:  Maj. Chad Handley, Lt. Col Matthew Voyles, Lt. Col Sean McMurry, Maj. Carla Berger

USAMMCE Officers’ Farewell

On 21 May at a local restaurant in Pirmasens, Germany, over 200 USAMMCE employees, friends and family gathered to bid farewell to four officers leaving this summer.

Besides sharing one last meal with the officers before they depart, everyone enjoyed to hear them get “roostered “ (roasted) by their fellow officers .

The USAMMCE rooster is a tradition in which the officer leaving gets his rooster read to him by his peers, revealing some of the funny situations they have gotten themselves into during their stay at USAMMCE.

USAMMCE wishes the best to all the officers as they go on to their next duty stations.


USAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, Belgium

On 2 April, COL Erik G. Rude, the USAMMCE commander, took his Soldiers on a staff ride to Bastogne, Belgium to visit the historical WWII sites located there. The Battle of the Bulge provides the opportunity to study firsthand accounts of the battle and to discuss lessons learned and how to shape future engagements.

The staff ride started at the Bastogne Barracks with a tour of the original Headquarters of the 101st Airborne Division. At this location, the acting commander of the 101st, Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe gave his defiant reply of “Nuts” to the German commander’s offer for the 101st to surrender. The tour focused primarily on the Siege of Bastogne and the units that participated in its defense. The Soldiers had a chance to see and hold many of the weapons and gear used during the battle as well as viewing a re-creation of the senior officers’ Christmas meal. The tour concluded with a visit to the vehicle restoration center that displays numerous WWII vehicles from several countries to include tanks, half-tracks, wreckers, and medical vehicles.

On their next stop the group trekked into the woods near Foy, Belgium and stood in the actual foxholes of the paratroopers from Easy Company, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division.

USAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, BelgiumUSAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, Belgium
USAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, BelgiumUSAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, Belgium
USAMMCE Staff Ride to Bastogne, Belgium

Since the weather that day was near freezing with driving winds and rain, it gave the Soldiers an appreciation of the tough conditions during battle and the sacrifice and courage of the men who refused to back down against impossible odds.

The staff ride concluded with a visit to the Bastogne War Museum and the Mardasson Memorial which honors the memory of 76,890 American Soldiers wounded or killed during the Battle of the Bulge. The museum offered a unique perspective of the war narrated by four individuals whose stories guide you through history leading up to the start of WWII, into the Battle of the Bulge and the allied victory. It also allowed Soldiers time to reflect on the events that led up to the war and the sacrifices made during and after the war to recover.

Despite the weather, the USAMMCE Soldiers found studying and learning the history of Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge informative and compelling and are ready for the next staff ride.

But war is a ruthless taskmaster, demanding success regardless of confusion, shortness of time, and paucity of tools. Exact justice for the individual and a careful consideration of his rights is impossible. One man sacrifices his life on the battlefield and another sacrifices his reputation elsewhere, both in the same cause. The hurly burly of the conflict does not permit commanders to draw fine distinctions. To succeed, they must demand results, close their ears to excuses, and drive subordinates beyond what would ordinarily be considered the limit of human capacity. Wars are won by the side that accomplishes the impossible. Battles are decided in favor of troops whose bravery, fortitude, and especially whose endurance surpasses that of the enemy’s; the army with higher breaking point wins.

General George C. Marshall


USAMMCE celebrates Women’s History Month

On 27 March, at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe, USAMMCE Soldiers and Civilians celebrated the 2015 Women’s History Month.

Besides posters summarizing the accomplishments of great women throughout history, three outstanding Military Women were featured, one of which was the former USAMMCE Commander, Brig. Gen. (R) Sheila R. Baxter, the first female general officer in the Army Medical Service Corps. Admiral Michelle J. Howard, the first African-American woman to command a US Navy ship and Brig. Gen. Theresa M. Casey, who served as the Assistant Surgeon General for Modernization and Chief, Biomedical Services Corps, Office of the Air Force Surgeon General were the other two woman featured.

USAMMCE celebrates Women’s History MonthUSAMMCE celebrates Women’s History Month
USAMMCE celebrates Women’s History MonthUSAMMCE celebrates Women’s History Month
USAMMCE celebrates Women’s History MonthUSAMMCE celebrates Women’s History Month

left to right: MG Brian Lein, Mr. Luis DeAndrade, Mrs. Heike DeAndrade, CSM Cy Akana

US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC) Commanding General visits USAMMCE

As part of his European tour, Maj. Gen. Brian Lein visited the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) on 26 January.

The General spent the afternoon at USAMMCE where he was given the USAMMCE Command and Relocation briefing and a tour of USAMMCE’s different areas. After the briefing, Maj. Gen. Lein presented coins to selected USAMMCE employees and a retirement certificate and award to Mr. Luis DeAndrade, the former Chief of the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP). Mr. DeAndrade retired effective 31 December 2014.

The General’s visit to USAMMCE concluded with a tour through the Kaiserslautern Army Depot (KAD), the relocation site for USAMMCE.

left to right: Mr. Karl Schuetz, Princess Bianca I, COL Erik G. Rude, Princess Sophia I doris

USAMMCE New Year’s Reception 2015

On 24 January, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe hosted its Annual New Year’s reception. The USAMMCE Commander, COL Erik G. Rude welcomed about 120 guests from the Host Nation Government, local communities, and German and US Military Leaders.

The music was provided by the USAREUR Band and Chorus Brass Quintet.

More Pictures...

Western Boot

USAMMCE’s Host Nation City unveils Sculpture

USAMMCE Officers were among 80 invited guests at the unveiling of a new landmark in the Host Nation City of Pirmasens, earlier this week.

This new ‘eye-catcher’, a 6meter tall, blue western boot was donated by Mr. Bernd Hummel, a local entrepreneur and patron of the arts. The boot was placed on the traffic circle, known as P-Town circle, between Husterhoeh Kaserne, the home of USAMMCE, and B-270, the road leading to Kaiserlautern.

During his emotional speech, the 65 year old Hummel started reminiscing on the Pirmasens of the 1950s and 60s, talking about how he was given his first stick of Chewing Gum by an American Soldier and how he used to listen to AFN radio.

He said that he always felt a deep connection to the US Military, as did most people in Pirmasens. “Enemies became friends and we realized that the American Soldiers were only people with the same strengths and fears like the rest of us” Hummel said. Like many of his generation, he was curious about the American culture with its petticoats, cars, and music and he wanted to learn more about the ‘New World’. By donating this boot he wanted to pay tribute to his hometown and his American friends.

“The boot symbolizes the bond between the US Military on Husterhoeh Kaserne and the host city of Pirmasens, with its tradition as a Garrison Town and as the “shoe capitol” of Germany, ” Lord Mayor Bernhard Mattheis said in his speech.

Lt. Col. Sean McMurry, thanked Mr. Hummel in the name of team USAMMCE for dedicating this boot to the German-American friendship.

Lightning GnomesNo Worries Team

USAMMCE Teams participate in Pfaelzer Wald Marathon

On Sunday, 16 September 2014, two four-person teams participated in the 2014 Pfalzerwald Marathon.

This marathon covers numerous trails in the surrounding areas of USAMMCE to include the cities of Pirmasens and Rodalben.

Lt.Col. Matt Voyles, Maj. Chad Handley, Capt. Andrew Wilson, and Mr. Mike Stricker belonged to the “No Worries” team that won in their age group based on their time.

The other USAMMCE team, the “Lightning Gnomes” consisted of Capt. Luis Rolle, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Leinweber, Tech. Sgt Michael Speaks, and Pfc. Kevin Taylor.

Sgt. JoJo D. Ada finishing marchSgt. JoJo D. Ada receiving badge

USAMMCE NCO earns Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB)

On 9 September, Sgt. JoJo D. Ada, earned the Expert Field Medical Badge at Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Out of 264 Multinational candidates from across Europe, 137 received the much desired badge.

This year’s EFMB competition lasted 19 days, with 12 days of training followed by a testing phase consisting of a written test, Day and Night Land Navigation, a 12 mile ruck march, and 3 combat testing lanes with basic combat scenarios and combat medical skills. Soldiers had to complete all tasks and cross the finish line in time to earn the badge.

Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell Jr., Commanding General, US Army Europe (USAREUR), attended the closing ceremony and pinned the badges on the winners. Col. Erik G. Rude, the USAMMCE Commander and the USAMMCE HHD Command team attended as well.

Sgt. Ada who had trained for two months for the event said: “It was a well-planned event with great instructors. The two week training helped especially those candidates competing for the first time. The medical tasks were most challenging for me, because you can’t miss a step, but with all that training, I knew I would earn the badge this time out.” Sgt. Ada competed for the third time.

Sgt. Ada also commended Pvt. Brittany K. Gomez, of USAMMCE for her performance on the EFMB. ”Although this was her first attempt, she made it all the way to the final task, the ruck march.

I am sure she will earn the badge on the next EFMB event”, he said.

left to right: MG Joseph Caravalho JR, COL Erik G. Rude, COL Thomas C. Slade

USAMMCE Change of Command 2014

On 11 July, Colonel Thomas C. Slade handed over the USAMMCE colors and its mission to his successor, Colonel Erik G. Rude.

Invited guests, USAMMCE employees, friends and family came out to say farewell to Colonel Slade and to welcome Colonel Rude.

Major General Joseph Caravalho Jr., the Commanding General of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick, MD presided over the event. He thanked all of the USAMMCE employees for what they do each day and Colonel Slade for being an outstanding Commander over the past two years. He also welcomed Colonel Rude to the Command.

In his farewell speech Colonel Slade thanked his family for always standing behind him and Team USAMMCE for all the work they do each day.

He said: “ I want to thank you and tell you how proud I am that over 350 talented individuals from different cultures, races and backgrounds can come together daily as one team, one strong 350 member team that functions seamlessly.”
He further mentioned that this assignment was one of the best in his 27 years in the Army.

Colonel Rude comes to USAMMCE from the Army War College, but is no stranger to Germany as he was stationed In Wiesbaden Germany as Commander of the 557th Medical Company and the Chief, Division Medical Operations Center, 1st Armored Division.

German Soldiers of the 263d Paratrooper Battalion, the Landstuhl Color Guard, and the US Army Europe Marching Band contributed to the success of the ceremony.

Mr. Sherwood Frederick Loading pallets onto truckLeft to right: Mr. Alek Neloms, Mr. Sherwood Frederick, Mr. Dennis Peters, COL Thomas C. Slade, LTC Matthew W. Voyles, Mr. David Alyea, Mr. Roger Muller, Mr. Joseph (Kelly) Chatman

Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) draws to a close at USAMMCE

After nearly two decades, on 3 June, workers of the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Division loaded the last container of Supplies onto a truck heading

out of USAMMCE.

The HAP program was established in 1992 by a congressional/presidential mandate with a staging facility here at USAMMCE since 1995.

In 1992, USAMMCE provided materiel for 26 airlifts to Russia.
Since 1995, the HAP Division at USAMMCE operated the US Department of State Operation Provide Hope and Disaster Relief missions supporting the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. It conducted 26 initial Operation Provide Hope missions (OPH) and 13 OPH Revisit missions providing materiel worth $438 Million. The supplies were used to upgrade 277 major medical facilities and 274 primary care clinics in the countries supported. The program also provided 104 special aid and disaster relief missions to support oil fires, mining disasters, flooding, mud slides, earthquakes, severe cold weather, and the terrorist attack in Belsan, Russia. Overall, the program completed 1,002 airlifts and shipped 24,500 containers of materiel with a total value of $5.2 Billion.

Even though the last truck has left USAMMCE, the work is not done. Now the workers have until September 2014 to clear out the warehouse and turn in the rest of the materiel to the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Office.

The HAP Program closes down on 30 September 2014.

Ground Ambulance sets

USAMMCE builds Ground Ambulance Sets for the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP)

In late January, the Office of the Command Surgeon NATO training mission – Afghanistan, requested USAMMCE to build 325 Ground Ambulance sets for the Afghan Security Forces as part of a multinational

effort to supply the Afghanis with fully equipped ambulances before the “Afghan Fighting Season” this summer.

“We were faced with some challenges, as we had a very short time to complete the sets”, said USAMMCE’s commanding officer, Col. Thomas C. Slade. “In order to complete the project in 30 days, we had to change our business process and do some ‘creative ordering’. We split up ordering between two divisions and added the materiel to the sets as soon as it arrived. The biggest challenge was obtaining the required IV fluids (7300 Lactated IV Ringers and 6500 Sodium Chloride IV Fluids). Due to a shortage in the States, our Prime Vendors couldn’t supply us, but we solved the problem by ordering directly from the manufacturer in England. Even though the fluids had European standards, we were able to use them, as the sets supplied a NATO training mission. This allowed us to ship the first 60 sets on 10 March”, Lt. Col. Sean McMurry, Chief, Materiel Management Division added.

USAMMCE’s Clinical Engineering Division also played a vital role in completing this project. Their Biomedical Technicians technically inspected (TI) and tested 325 Suction Apparatuses, one for each set.

According to Mr. Joe Robinson, the Project Manager from the Joint Plans and Program Division (JPPD), each set was packed the same way, with all items in the same place. Pictographs were included in each Tri-wall so customers could easily locate the items. HAZMAT, reefer, and bulk items were shipped separately in appropriate containers.
“The sets were flown into Bagram Air Base and transported by ground transportation into Kabul where the end users took possession of them”, Maj. Bruce Argueta, Chief of JPPD concluded.

This project involved about 50-60 employees from different divisions and Soldiers from all USAMMCE divisions. Col. Slade said: “It was a great team effort that required a lot of flexibility”.

HAP volunteers

Air Force Members volunteer at USAMMCE’s Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP)

On 23 November 2013, a group of 20 volunteers of the 86th Medical Group located on Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, volunteered their Saturday to assist the USAMMCE Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP)

in inspecting, cleaning, and preparing medical equipment for shipment. From March 2012 to November 2013, Airmen and NCOs spent 10 Saturdays working on 483 pieces of medical equipment valued at $4,254,162.00 in support of the HAP missions to the countries of Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, as well as AFRICOM projects and some items for stock.

According to Mr. Luis DeAndrade, Chief of the HAP, this last and largest group included Bio-Medical Engineers, Medical Logisticians and other medical specialties. Five of them were actually on Temporary Duty (TDY) at Ramstein. This group technically inspected and prepared 121 individual pieces of medical equipment as well as cleaning and preparing 15 medical gurneys valued at $775,046.49, for shipment in support of the FY 2013/2014 Operation Provide Hope (OPH) mission to Tbilisi, Georgia, and another mission in support of the Non Government Organization (NGO) “A Call to Serve” (ACTS) also in Georgia.

Mr. DeAndrade said, “because the HAP is being phased out by the Department of State on 30 September 2014, we are preparing as much materiel as possible for shipment to the countries the program supports. However, due to funding and time constraints, not all materiel will be put to good use. Any materiel not shipped out will be turned into the Defense Re-Utilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) for disposition. Without this volunteer support over the past two years, millions of dollars worth of medical equipment would not have made it into the hands of those who need it. Many thanks to these young airmen and NCOs who epitomize our military service values!”


USAMMCE named VPP Star Site

On 24 September, US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) employees and the Europe Regional Medical Command’s (ERMC) Command team, Colonel John Collins, and Command Sergeant Major Ly Lac, attended a ceremony here in which USAMMCE was named a Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Site.

The VPP program, developed in 1982 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and later adopted by the DoD, is a program that promotes effective work-site based safety and health management systems in order to reduce the cost and number of preventable injuries and illnesses. A VPP Star Site is a worksite with injury and illness rates below their industry’s average.

Mr. LeFevre (RIGHT), presenting certificate to COL Slade (LEFT)left to right: SGM Chambers, USAMMCE SGM, COL Collins, ERMC Cdr, COL Slade, USAMMCE Cdr (with certificate), Mr. LeFevre, MEDCOM Safety Manager
left to right: Mr. Moreo Jones, USAMMCE Safety intern, COL Thomas C. Slade, USAMMCE Cdr, Mr. Wolf Reshef, USAMMCE Safety Manager, Mr. Werner Letzelter USAMMCE Safety & Quality Management Spec.

Mr. George LeFevre, the MEDCOM Safety Manager, traveled to USAMMCE to present the Star Certificate and flag to the USAMMCE Commander and “Team USAMMCE”. Some individuals and groups were also presented awards for their special support to the VPP program.

The ERMC Commander, Colonel Collins said in his opening remarks, that USAMMCE is one of only seven MEDCOM sites to achieve star status, six of which are in Europe and one is USAMMCE’s sister site USAMMC-K and that he is honored to be part of this ceremony.

Colonel Thomas C. Slade, the USAMMCE Commander, thanked his dedicated employees for helping USAMMCE to reach this milestone. He went on to say that everyone should be proud of this accomplishment. What impressed him the most, was that the VPP program, enabled employees at the lowest level to point out issues and present solutions which led to a drop in preventable injuries and illnesses.

In his comments, Mr. Wolf Reshef, the USAMMCE Safety Manager stated that while there was always a Safety program in place at USAMMCE, implementing VPP led to a 20% drop in preventable injuries and illnesses, because the employees became part of the safety management process and were able to detect problems and work on solutions. He further said: “USAMMCE crawled, walked, and finally ran to achieve its goal. Now all we have to do is sustain our level of safety and injury prevention.”

USAMMCE kicked off the VPP program in April 2010, with a two day workshop that was facilitated by a DoD Center of Excellence team.


USAMMCE Clinical Engineering Division becomes a Fluke Corporation Biomedical Authorized Laboratory

The United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) recently installed 6 Special Purpose Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE-SP) test stations in their Clinical Engineering Division (CED) and became a Fluke Biomedical Authorized Laboratory to calibrate and verify calibration for several types of TMDE-SP devices with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability.

Over a two week period, USAMMCE’s Biomedical Equipment Specialists underwent specialized technical training and became certified to locally calibrate over 31 types of analyzers, simulators, and meters. The new TMDE-SP test stations are equipped with the most comprehensive calibration automation solution available.

The automated calibration environment for the test stations allows USAMMCE’s technicians to perform automated calibration on most TMDE-SP devices and provides consistent, fast calibration across the entire TMDE-SP lab. The automated calibration software provides calibration procedures for the technicians and collects test data during the calibration process so calibration reports and certificates can be provided to the customer.

Fluke Corporation Training.Fluke Corporation Training
Fluke Corporation TrainingFluke Corporation Training
Fluke Corporation TrainingFluke Corporation Training

Biomedical Equipment Specialists use TMDE-SP equipment to specifically test, calibrate, and repair medical equipment used in a patient care setting to diagnose or treat patients. To ensure the Biomedical Equipment Specialists are using accurate test equipment, all TMDE-SP must be calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications using test equipment traceable to NIST or other recognized standards laboratories.

Before USAMMCE established the new test stations, all TMDE-SP had to be sent annually or semi-annually to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or other certified lab to be repaired or calibrated. This created an extended wait time for customers who need their TMDE-SP returned in a timely manner. The new test stations equipped with the latest, state of the art technology will reduce customer turn-around-time significantly, because most TMDE-SP devices will no longer have to be returned to the OEM for calibration, thus saving time and money on shipping.


USAMMCE conducts Emergency Responder Exercise

The United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), conducted an Emergency Responder Exercise on 6 September at Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany.

About 125 responders from the German Red Cross, the Fire Departments of Pirmasens and Rodalben, the German Police, and USAMMCE personnel participated. In addition, observers from all emergency services and the Mayors of Pirmasens and Rodalben were on site. To ensure safety, local Pyro technicians set up the explosions.

The test scenario called for a threat being received and a mock car bomb detonating in a parking lot with smaller devices going off in a building nearby, causing nine casualties. As part of the exercise, the building next to the explosion site was evacuated.

Once the mock threat was received, USAMMCE Soldiers manned the gates and inspected vehicles and personnel. The Force Protection level was temporarily elevated

USAMMCE First Responders were on scene and rendered first aide to the "injured" until the Red Cross arrived. Shortly after the call, the fire department arrived and extinguished the fires while the German Police blocked off the scene.

The goal of the exercise was to test response times and provide the Local Emergency teams with an opportunity to test their capabilities under extreme conditions.

According to Mr. John Biles, USAMMCE’s security chief, the exercise was well executed and the interaction between the local services and USAMMCE personnel went very well.


USAMMCE Army Birthday Celebration and NCO Induction Ceremony

The time was 0630 on a beautiful sunny morning, when Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany, the home of the United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), came to life.

Lead by Colonel Thomas C. Slade, the USAMMCE Commander, about 20 Soldiers and Officers celebrated the Army Birthday with a Birthday Run. After the run, the Commander and the most Junior Soldier cut the Birthday Cake.

COL Slade leads the formationCOL Slade leads the formation
COL Slade, SGM Chambers and PV2 Bridgeforth cut Army Birthday Cake 238th Army Birthday

Later that morning, USAMMCE conducted a NCO Induction Ceremony where Sergeants Shelvia Greene and Jojo Ada joined the ranks of the professional Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps.

NCO Induction Ceremonies are celebrated throughout the Army and mark a significant step forward in a Soldier’s career. By being inducted into the Army NCO Corps, the new members become part of a proud colorful history and a long tradition of professional excellence.

Facing the Audience left to right: SGT Shelvia Greene, SGM James Chambers, SGT Jojo AdaNCO induction ceremony: SGM James Chambers (middle) reads NCO charge

SGT Jason Roth


On 22 May, the 70k Consultant to the Surgeon General of the Army announced Sergeant (SGT) Jason Roth as one of the winners of the CY12 Professional Medical Logisticians’ Leadership and Civilian Awards (PML2A).

The awards are given to Army Medical Service Corps personnel for demonstrating exceptional skills and accomplishments in leadership, technical competence, professionalism, and patriotism.

SGT Roth works as a Biomedical Equipment Technician (68A) at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe’s (USAMMCE) Clinical Engineering Division (CED).

According to Master Sergeant (MSG) Timothy Dess, the Non Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of the USAMMCE CED, SGT Roth is a top-notch NCO who demonstrated leadership and possesses technical competence well above his grade level.

His accomplishments included realigning maintenance schedules for eight USAMMCE customers resulting in achieving a 100% completion rate, exceeding the MEDCOM standard of 97%. Roth also led a team which completed 723 medical equipment work orders during six TDY missions throughout Europe. Through his knowledge he contributed greatly to USAMMCE being named runner up for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence.

During 2012, SGT Ross earned the Expert Field Medical Badge, was named USAMMCE NCO of the Year, and received the Army Physical Fitness Badge.

When asked, SGT Roth said: “I have to say that I honestly didn’t think I had a shot in the dark to win this, because I can think of three other Alphas at USAMMCE who could’ve won this too. There are so many good Alphas out there”. He went on to say that he is very proud to represent USAMMCE and that he feels honored to receive this award.

SGT Ross will receive a Memorandum of Commendation and a coin from the Surgeon General as well as an Army Commendation Medal and an US Army Medical Command G-4 Letter of Appreciation and coin.

This is the second consecutive year that a USAMMCE Soldier wins this award.


Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe
Change of Command Ceremony

Colleagues, friends, and family members gathered on 30 April on Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany to witness the turning over of the unit colors to new Hands.

After four years of working in various positions at USAMMCE, it was time for Captain Jisun Lim to turn over the unit guidon to her successor, Captain Dana B. Love.

Captain Love has been working at USAMMCE since 2009 and is excited about the 

Left to right, CPT Jisun Lim (outgoing), COL Thomas C. Slade (USAMMCE Cdr), CPT Dana B. Love (incoming)Passing of the Unit Guidon
Passing of the Unit Guidon

opportunity to lead USAMMCE’s Soldiers.

Captain Lim will depart USAMMCE and move to her new duty station in May.


USAMMCE Egg-Stravaganza 2013

Despite the very cold spring weather, about 60 children from the “Nardinihaus”, the local orphanage along with approximately 20 USAMMCE children came out Saturday, 20 April, for a day of fun and games and a traditional Easter egg hunt. Games included an egg-walk, musical chairs, hula hoop, bowling, and a bouncy castle, just to name a few. The older children and some adults had fun on the go cart track. Each child also received a gift bag with toys and candy.

After participating in the games, everyone had a chance to warm up over lunch in the USAMMCE Canteen, and enjoy the Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chips, and Sodas.

Vanessa Ballssieper, age 11, a first time participant, said she was happy to be there and especially enjoyed the Egg hunt and all the candy she collected.

SGM James Chambers ,left, and COL Thomas C. Slade, right, trying out the go-cartsEgg Hunt
COL Slade cutting the cakeCOL Slade presenting check to orphanage

At the end of the afternoon, COL Thomas C. Slade, the USAMMCE Commander, cut the beautifully decorated cake and presented the Orphanage a donation of 200 Euros.

USAMMCE has been sponsoring this event since 2008. However, the partnership with the orphanage dates back to 2004. Over the years, USAMMCE Soldiers and employees have been participating in different events with the orphanage.

This year’s celebration was held after Easter in hopes of better and warmer weather.

Even though, it was overcoats and long pants, instead of shorts and t-shirts, the children still had a great time.


US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC) Commanding General visits USAMMCE

As part of his orientation tour to units and research laboratories under his command, Brigadier General (P) Joseph Cravalho JR. visited the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) from 28-29 March 2013.

Although the General’s schedule was very tight, he was given a short briefing and a tour of USAMMCE’s different areas. In the Distribution and Transportation Division, USAMMCE’s largest division, the General participated in a “ribbon cutting” ceremony of the newly renovated shipping area.

He also had a chance to take a ride on a stock selector to see first-hand how

Left to right, COL Thomas C. Slade, Mr. Johannes Bereswill, BG (P) Joseph Caravalho JR cutting ribbon at the newly renovated Distribution & Transportation Division Packing areaMr. Joe Bereswill (left) explains reefer packing procedures to BG (P) Caravalho (right)
Mr. Andreas Lickteig (left) and BG (P) Caravalho in stock selector

items are picked and put away. During his visit he was able to meet with most USAMMCE employees.

His visit to USAMMCE concluded with a tour through the Kaiserslautern Army Depot (KAD), the proposed relocation site for USAMMCE.

Brigadier General Caravalho assumed command of MRMC in January 2013.

Left to right:  COL Thomas C. Slade (USAMMCE Commander), SSG Michael Leinweber, SGT Chemika Duckett, SGT Shelvia Greene, CPT Jisun Lim (USAMMCE HHD Commander), SGM James Chambers (USAMMCE SGM)

US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Graduate from US Army Garrison Kaiserslautern (USAG-K) Equal Opportunity Leaders’ Course

Three USAMMCE NCOs graduated from the USAG-K Equal Opportunity Leaders’ Course held in Landstuhl

Germany from 18-23 March.

Staff Sergeant Michael Leinweber and Sergeants Chemika Duckett and Shelvia Greene are excited to carry out the additional duties and responsibilities in assisting the Commander with his EO program.

The EO program ensures equal treatment for all without regard to race, national origin, color, gender or religion. It applies on and off post to working, living, and recreational environments.

It is the responsibility of leadership to ensure fair treatment of all Soldiers based on merit, fitness, and capability and contributes to unit cohesion and is a readiness issue.

Mr. Wolf Reshef teaching VPP class to USAMMCE employees.

US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) recommended for VPP Star Status

From 25–26 February, USAMMCE underwent the Department of Defense Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Stage III audit and as a result, was recommended for “Star Status”.

The DoD Voluntary Protection Program Center of Excellence, Concurrent Technologies Corporation inspection team, concluded that USAMMCE had established an exceptional Safety and Health Management Program with safety and health incident rates well below the industry average for warehousing operations. They further stated that USAMMCE demonstrated excellence in response to hazards identified during the audit team’s visit.

According to Mr. Wolf Reshef, the USAMMCE Safety Officer, the VPP program is an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) cooperative program that encourages the partnership between management, works council, and employees to promote safety and health programs tailored to the needs of specific work environments. VPP is a prevention based approach with the goal of improving safety.

Mr. Reshef provides VPP training to USAMMCE employees throughout the year.

COL Slade, Ms. Jennewein, and D&T employees. Back row, left to right:  Mr. Andreas Kircher, Mr. Stefan Tylla, COL Thomas C. Slade, Mr. Wolfgang Stehle. Front row, left to right: Mr. Stefan Wegmann, Mr. Wolfgang Ruf, Ms. Simone Jennewein, Ms. Christine Walk, Mr. Gerald StorfingerCOL Slade presenting check to Ms. Simone Jennewein

US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) presents Check to local Hospic

On 27 February, the USAMMCE Commander, Col Thomas C. Slade, presented a check for €880.00 to Ms. Simone Jennewein, a representative from the local hospice. The majority of the money was donated by the employees of USAMMCE’s

Distribution and Transportation (D&T) Division, with some donations coming from other Divisions to include the USAMMCE leadership.

The idea to give something back to the Community, that USAMMCE has been a part of since 1975, was born two years ago, when D&T employees had money left over from their Christmas Raffle. They spontaneously donated the money to a local Children’s foundation that provides after-school and meal services to underprivileged children.

The once spontaneous idea turned into a plan to raise more money for another local charity during last year’s Christmas Season. D&T’s Bin and inbound manager, Mr. Gerald Storfinger said: “Out of several suggestions, our committee picked the hospice, because they perform a humanitarian service by ensuring the dignity of the fatally ill during their final days. They have to operate on a very limited budget and can only survive with donations from the public.”

Since it’s opening about 4 years ago, the 6 bed facility is filled to capacity all the time, as it is the only institution of its kind in about a 40 mile radius.

Ms. Jennewein thanked the Commander and the employees for their generous donation.


USAMMCE provides Pre-deployment Training for 8TH Medical Logistics Company (MLC) Soldiers

From 22-31 January, USAMMCE provided pre-deployment training to 20 Soldiers from the 8th MLC. USAMMCE warehouse personnel trained the Soldiers on warehouse operations to include Receiving, Picking, Put away, Packing, Transportation, Reefer, and HAZMAT. In addition to the warehouse training, they also spent some time in the Customer Support Division (CSD) to gain a better understanding of how the ordering process works.

The Soldiers were divided into small groups of 2-3 and were rotated throughout the warehouse daily. The USAMMCE trainers provided them with step-by-step hands on training and quizzing them to test their understanding of the different processes.

8th MLC and Team USAMMCESGT Morales and SGT Sealy checking shipping lists in receiving section
Mr. Ivory explains the HAZMAT packing process to SPC Mbandi

Everyone agreed that the training was worthwhile and provided valuable information to all Soldiers and NCOs that attended.


USAMMCE New Year's Reception 2013

On 26 January, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe hosted its Annual New Year’s reception. The USAMMCE Commander, COL Thomas C. Slade welcomed close to 140 guests from the Host Nation Government, local communities, and German and US Military Leaders.

After the Commander’s welcoming speech, Lieutenant Ruediger Leilich, a German Army Reservist, was promoted to Captain. Oberst (COL) Rolf Stichling, Commander of the Bundeswehr Rheinland Pfalz State Command, said: “Holding the promotion at the USAMMCE New Year’s reception, is a testimony of the friendship between the German and US Military and especially between the local Reservist Chapter and USAMMCE.” Captain Leilich said that he was very happy and proud to be promoted at USAMMCE.

COL and Mrs. Slade with the Grenadiers (Historic German Soldiers)COL Slade greeting guest
COL Slade and Oberst Stichling promoting German Reservist

The local Reservists participate in a lot of partnership events with USAMMCE.

After the official part was over, the guests spent the afternoon socializing and making new friends. The USAREUR Army Band & Chorus Brass Quintet provided the afternoon’s musical entertainment.


USAMMCE Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2012

To kick off the holiday season, Team USAMMCE and their families enjoyed a fun filled afternoon at the USAMMCE Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on 7 December. Even the weather was very “Christmassy”, as the snow had transformed Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany, into a “Winter Wonderland”.

The USAMMCE Commander, Col. Thomas C. Slade started the celebration by giving his opening remarks and Maj. Bradley Damschen gave the invocation, followed by a slide show and a moment of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor which happened on 7 December in 1941.

Children unwrapping presentsCol. Thomas C. Slade and Santa Claus
Gag gift presentation

For the fun part of the afternoon, the USAMMCE Carolers, with help from the audience, sang Christmas carols and one of the Soldiers read the Christmas Story.

But what would a Christmas celebration be without Santa Claus? The Children’s faces lit up when Santa, portrayed by Mr. Raymond Berger, arrived to present gifts to young and old. While the children received candy and toys, some of the USAMMCE Division Chiefs received gag gifts tailored to their “special needs and circumstances”. The winner of the Christmas Door decorating contest, judged earlier that morning, was announced as well.

In keeping with USAMMCE tradition, the Soldiers delivered some special entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment. Some of them entered into a “Tacky Christmas Outfit” fashion show and they presented a video of their version of “Gangnam Style” that had the audience roaring with laughter and applause.

Of course, there were plenty of Christmas cookies, punch, and hot cocoa for everyone. All attendees agreed that it was a very special enjoyable afternoon.


US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosts Deputy Surgeon General Major General Richard A. Stone

On 30 November, USAMMCE welcomed the Deputy Surgeon General, Major General Richard A. Stone.

General Stone toured USAMMCE as part of his visit to MEDCOM facilities in Europe.

After receiving the USAMMCE Command brief, he was given a tour of the facilities. He was very impressed with the USAMMCE operation and its employees. At the storage and distribution warehouse, General Stone rode on a stock selector to get a closer look at how the picking and put away process works.

MG Stone receiving USAMMCE briefingMG Stone was given a tour of the facilities
MG Stone on Stock selector talking to USAMMCE employee

Even though the General’s schedule was very tight, he extended his visit by an hour and a half, so he could see all the different areas to include the Humanitarian Assistance Program warehouse.

General Stone said that he enjoyed the tour which was very educational and that he will take back a lot of knowledge about USAMMCE and the HAP program.

US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosts Europe Regional Medical Command (ERMC) Commander’s Forum

US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosts Europe Regional Medical Command (ERMC) Commander’s Forum

About 35 Officers and Command Sergeants Major attended the ERMC Commander’s Forum hosted by USAMMCE in Pirmasens on 8 Nov.

Many of the attendees had not been to USAMMCE, which is why Colonel (P) Jeffrey Clark, the ERMC commander chose USAMMCE as the site for his Commander’s forum.

Besides the USAMMCE Command Brief, all participants received a tour for a first-hand look at the services USAMMCE provides and a better understanding of the USAMMCE mission.


USAMMCE NCOs earn Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB)

On 21 September, Sergeants Anthony Coleman and Jason Roth, both assigned to the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), earned the Expert Field Medical Badge at Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Out of 312 Multinational candidates from across Europe, 75 earned the much desired badge. The average completion rate is about 20 %.

The EFMB competition is a two week course with a one-week training phase and a 120 hour testing phase.

Left to right: SGT Anthony Coleman, COL Thomas Slade (USAMMCE Commander), SGT Jason RothLTG Mark Hertling, USAREUR Commanding General pinning EFMB batch on SGT Jason Roth
Left to right: SGT Anthony Coleman, SGT Jason Roth

The testing phase consists of a written test, Day and Night Land Navigation, a 12 mile ruck march, and 3 combat testing lanes with basic combat scenarios and combat medical skills. In order to earn the badge, Soldiers must complete all tasks and cross the finish line in time.

In a ceremony, following the event, Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, the US Army Europe (USAREUR) Commanding General, pinned the badges on the winners. In addition, Colonel Slade, the USAMMCE Commander, presented the USAMMCE winners with a Commander’s coin.

After they returned to work, SGT Roth said: “the most challenging task was probably the written test. Finding time to study and the vast variety of possible questions and subjects, made that portion very tough for me. I don’t think anyone can actually go into EFMB and think they fully have it in the bag.”

SGT Coleman agreed that the written test was the most challenging task for him as well. He also said: “At first I was nervous about Combat Testing Lane 1, but we managed to get some time to go over the lane, so that helped.”

In an email message to all of USAMMCE COL Slade stated, that he is extremely proud of these two young NCOs.

ERMC Multinational Medical Conference Attendees visit USAMMCE

ERMC Multinational Medical Conference Attendees visit USAMMCE

On 12 September, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Todd, the USAMMCE Deputy Commander for Operations gave a tour of the USAMMCE Installation to attendees of the ERMC Multinational Medical Conference.

Approximately 20 NATO Medical Officers from five different countries received a first-hand look at the

USAMMCE operation. Although time didn’t permit to interview the officers while they were at USAMMCE, some of the feedback received included comments like: “Great operation”; “fantastic work that these folks perform”; Unbelievable – had no clue that such a place existed”; “very organized and people friendly”.

Before giving the tour, LTC Todd delivered the USAMMCE Command Brief at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Major Aron Meadow


On 6 September, the 70k Consultant to the Surgeon General of the Army announced Major Aron Meadow as one of the winners of the CY11 Professional Medical Logisticians’ Leadership and Civilian Awards (PML2A).

The awards are given to Army Medical Service Corps personnel for demonstrating exceptional skills and accomplishments in leadership, technical competence, professionalism, and patriotism.

Major Meadow has been working in various positions at USAMMCE since 2009 and has demonstrated that he is a top-notch logistician and leader.

Major Meadow said: “I was very surprised when friends and colleagues started sending congratulatory notes my way. It is always nice to be recognized”. He went on to say that his assignment at USAMMCE has been highly developmental and that he is grateful and very lucky to be at USAMMCE to support its great mission.

Major Meadow will receive a Memorandum of Commendation and a coin from the Surgeon General as well as an Army Commendation Medal and an US Army Medical Command G-4 Letter of Appreciation and coin.

O-Day cake

USAMMCE O-Day 2012

USAMMCE Soldiers and civilians took a break from their busy schedules to participate in USAMMCE’s Annual Organization Day on 10 August.

Many family members and friends joined in the fun and games. There were activities and games for all ages,

even a bouncy ship for the little ones.

Thanks to the many dedicated volunteers. Everyone had a great time.

More Pictures....


US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) Change of Command Ceremony

On 27 June 2012 at 1400 on Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany, Colonel William M. Stubbs handed over the USAMMCE Colors and the USAMMCE mission to his successor, Colonel Thomas C. Slade.

“Colonel Stubbs was an outstanding commander and with him in command, I never had to worry about USAMMCE”, said Major General James K. Gilman, Commanding General of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) and Ft. Detrick, Maryland on Friday afternoon in his speech. He went on to say that with Colonel Slade at the helm, USAMMCE is in equally capable hands, as he knows both commanders very well, Colonel Stubbs from his time at USAMMCE and Colonel Slade actually worked for him at USAMRMC.

left to right: Col William M. Stubbs, MG James K. Gilman, COL Thomas C. SladeHanding over the flag, left to right: SFC Robert White, COL William M. Stubbs, MG James K. Gilman, COL Thomas C. Slade
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Color GuardUSAREUR Band

Over 200 guests and USAMMCE personnel came out to say farewell to Colonel Stubbs before he moves on to become a full time student at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

In his speech, Colonel Stubbs thanked his family, friends and employees for everything and vowed to come back to Germany. He said that he will miss his “home town” of Weselberg, Germany and all of his friends and neighbors there, as well as everyone at USAMMCE. At the end of his speech, he quoted the late President John F. Kennedy by saying “Ich bin ein Weselberger” (I am a Weselberger).

The new Commander, Colonel Slade was welcomed with open arms. Although Colonel Slade has never been stationed in Germany, he knows USAMMCE from a customer’s perspective and is very excited to be the new Commander of USAMMCE.

The Soldiers of the 8th Medical Logistics Company, the 212th Combat Support Hospital, the Color Guard from the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, and the German Soldiers of the Paratrooper Battalion 263 joined the USAMMCE Soldiers on the parade field. Music was provided by the USAREUR Army Band.

Mr. Wolf Reshef, USAMMCE Safety Manager giving Environmental Briefing.Machine to measure and test for back problems.

USAMMCE Safety Stand-down Day 2012

On 12 June, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe conducted a Safety Stand-down day.

The day consisted of a 15 minute environmental briefing, conducted by the USAMMCE Safety Manager Mr. Wolf Reshef, several hands-on safety stations, and informational displays.

One of the stations was an obstacle course on which the employees could test their reaction while wearing goggles, simulating a 0.8 blood alcohol level.

For the first time ever, a local Pharmacy participated by offering quick blood sugar and blood pressure tests that could alert the employees of potential health risks.

A machine to measure and test for possible back problems was sponsored by a local Fitness Center. Nutritional and safety information was also on display.

Even though this was a mandatory requirement, most of the employees agreed that the displays and the hands-on stations were a welcome addition to the briefings.

left to right: Mr. Guenter Breiner, Deputy Mayor, Rodalben, COL William M. Stubbs, Commander USAMMCE, Mr. Werner Becker District Mayor, Rodalben County.

USAMMCE Commander receives Medal from District Mayor of Rodalben

On 11 June, the District Mayor of Rodalben Mr. Werner Becker, presented COL William M. Stubbs, the Commander, US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe with the Graefenstein Medaille and a certificate.
The Graefenstein Medaille is the coin of Rodalben County and was presented as a token of friendship as there has been a long-standing friendship between Rodalben and USAMMCE.

Mr. Becker said that he wanted to do something special for Colonel Stubbs before he departs Germany. Mr. Becker is also a recipient of the US Army Medical Department’s “Friends of the Regiment” award.


Appointment Ceremony, CSM Majors

On 14 May, USAMMCE held an Appointment Ceremony for Sergeant Major William L. Majors to Command Sergeant Major. Next to his family, colleagues, and friends, guests included Command Sergeant Major Robert C. Luciano, Europe Regional Medical Command, Command Sergeant Major Michael I. Gragg, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Command Sergeant Major Clark J. Charpentier, Troop CSM Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Sergeant Major Eric P. Holland, Public Health Command.

CSM Luciano mentioned in his speech that he is happy that CSM Major’s oldest son William JR (19) will stay in the “family business”. He is joining the Army as a PFC on 16 May 2012. CSM Majors said that he is very proud of his son.

left to right, CSM Robert C. Luciano, ERMC, COL William M. Stubbs, USAMMCE Commander, CSM William L. Majorsleft to right:  CSM Robert C. Luciano, ERMC, COL William M. Stubbs, USAMMCE Commander, CSM William L. Majors, Mrs. Laura Majors, Mr. William Majors JR
Mr. William Majors JR, pins new rank on his father.

Unfortunately, CSM Major’s other two children Ann (16), and Michael (15) couldn’t attend the ceremony as they had to take some tests for school.

CSM Majors spent two years at USAMMCE before moving on to his next assignment as the CSM for the 115th MDFIELD in Ft. Polk, LA.

USAMMCE will miss the Majors family and wishes them the best for the future.


USAMMCE Job Shadow Day 2012

On 27 April, 19 children of USAMMCE Soldiers and Civilians participated in Job Shadow day here.

The USAMMCE Deputy Commander for Support, Dr. Thomas J. Navo III, and Sergeant Grady Clark welcomed the children and told them a little bit about USAMMCE’s daily business. Before they were taken on a tour of the different sections, the children were treated to some refreshments and each child received a gift, sponsored by the US Army Retention Office in Kaiserslautern.

For the fun part of the day, the children got to see where their parents work, some of them for the first time. Anthony Clark, age 12, son of Sergeant Clark said that he was excited to be here, because he had never been to his dad’s work, his brother Alex, 11 and his sister Elizabeth 8, agreed.

Anelys Pabon, age 8, daughter of Specialist Pabon helped her dad set up the refreshments and said that she too was excited to visit her dad’s job. Specialist Pabon works as an optical fabrication specialist in the USAMMCE Optical Laboratory.

USAMMCE Job Shadow Day 2012 Attendees.Anelys Pabon on Stock Selector.

Labeling Boxes.Reefer Storage.

Testing Dental Drill.

While touring USAMMCE, the children were able to try out some dental drills and label some boxes, but all agreed, that the highlight of the day was the tour of the warehouse, where they actually got to ride on a stock selector under the watchful eyes of Sergeant Clark, who works in the warehouse, and their parents.

Nine year old Jonas Numbers, son of Mr. John Numbers said that he even got to “pick” some items off the shelf while riding on the stock selector.

At the end of the morning, the USAMMCE Commander, Colonel William M. Stubbs handed each child a Commander’s Certificate of Appreciation. They will also receive a photo CD with photos of their morning at USAMMCE.

Mr. Wolf Reshef, USAMMCE Safety Manager giving Environmental Briefing.Machine to measure and test for back problems.

USAMMCE Couples receive Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

In a ceremony on 20 April in Kaiserslautern, Germany, two USAMMCE couples received Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award recognizes Americans, who through their commitment and volunteer service improve their communities and inspire others to volunteer as well.

The awards are giving for volunteer service over the course of 12 months and consist of Bronze (50-74 hours), Silver (75-99 hours), Gold (100 hours or more), and Lifetime (4000 hours or more over a lifetime).

Dr. Thomas J. Navo III and his wife Cheryl received Gold awards for over 1,000 hours of volunteering in SGT Grady Clark and his wife Jody also received Gold awards for giving over 500 hours to the community.

Each received a lapel pin and a certificate.

Any individual, family or group can receive recognition for their community service, starting as young as age 5.


Talented USAMMCE Couple wins at Topper Awards

Dr. Tomas J. Navo III and his wife Cheryl, both USAMMCE employees, took home 4 awards from the Topper awards banquet held on 21 April in Heidelberg Germany, for their involvement in Community theater.

The tournament of plays “Topper” awards is the regional equivalent to the Tony awards and is an annual European competition among all U.S. Forces theater programs.

The judges spent 6 weeks in Europe watching all productions entered into the competition. Only plays presented between the end of February and the beginning of April are considered for judging.

Dr. Tomas J. Navo III and his wife CherylCheryl Navo
Dr. Tomas J. Navo III

For this year’s competition 20 plays were judged (9 musicals, 4 dramas, and 7 comedies).

Dr. Navo won “Best Actor “in the comedy “GreaterTuna”. “Although I was nominated, I never expected to win, because there are a lot of talented actors out there”, said Dr. Navo.

His wife Cheryl won awards for “Best Hair and Wig Design” for the comedy “Greater Tuna”, “Best Scene Painting” for the drama “Frozen”, and “Best Costume Design” for the musical “Suessical”.

Cheryl was also nominated for “Best Costume Design” for the comedy “Greater Tuna”.

Foreign Officers Visit USAMMCE

Foreign Officers Visit USAMMCE

On 19 April 2012, 15 foreign officers visited USAMMCE as part of the Air Force sponsored Partnership for Peace workshop. The officers received the USAMMCE command brief, a tour of the facilities, and some information about our Medical Supply Chain processes. They can use this information to develop their own

Medical Supply Chain and to make their processes more efficient.

The group included officers from Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Romania.


USAMMCE HHD Conducts Change of Responsibility Ceremony

On 17 April 2012, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment conducted a Change of Responsibility Ceremony. Soldiers, Officers, family members, friends, and co-workers came out and watched as the NCO sword was passed from Staff Sergeant Jose Martinez, to Sergeant First Class Robert White. Although the NCO sword is no longer part of an NCO’s equipment, it is still used in ceremonies to symbolize the transfer of responsibility for the Unit’s Soldiers to new hands. It reminds the Soldiers that the new Detachment Sergeant is responsible for order and discipline in the unit and it reminds him of his responsibility to care for his troops.

In his farewell speech, Staff Sergeant Martinez said that it saddens him to leave the unit, where he found many friends and mentors, both American and German over the four years he was assigned to USAMMCE. Staff Sergeant Martinez moves on to his new assignment at Brook Army Medical Center to work as an Optical Laboratory Specialist.

Official party with sword bearer.SSG Martinez hands sword to Company Commander, CPT Jisun Lim.

Company Commander, CPT Jisun Lim hands sword to SFC White.Sword is returned to sword bearer.

SSG Martinez receives gift from Company Commander, CPT Jisun Lim.SSG Martinez receives Commander's coin from USAMMCE Commander, COL William M. Stubbs.


SGT Ramon Cuevassuarez and SPC Justina

USAMMCE Husband and Wife team win NCO/Soldier of the Quarter Board

SGT Ramon Cuevassuarez and SPC Justina Cuevas are the first husband and wife team at USAMMCE to win NCO and Soldier of the Quarter at the same time, when they went before the board on 6 December

The Cuevas’ came to USAMMCE from Brooke Army Medical Center in May 2011 and August 2011

respectively, where they worked at the Optical Fabrication Lab. They are both 68H Optical Fabrication Specialists, and now work at the USAMMCE Optical lab.

According to Justina, they met in 2008 at Brooke Army Medical Center. While maintaining their professionalism at work, they started dating in their free time. Ramon got promoted to Sergeant in September 2009 and Justina was promoted to Specialist in August 2009. When SGT Cuevas found out that he was coming to Germany for 3 years, they got married in January, and have been married for almost a year.

They both see winning this board as a stepping stone in their careers. SGT Cuevas said, he wanted to make it all the way to the MEDCOM Board.

USAMMCE congratulates this “dynamic duo” and wishes them continued success.

left to right:  SGM William Majors, Mrs. Jettaka Alexander, Mrs. Henny Lepper, Mr. Joe Alex, Col Mark Stubbs, Mr. Joe Zaluzney, Mr. Jim Dillon, (not on photo Mr. Mike Sampson)

USAMMCE thanks Owens & Minor (O&M) for Ten Years of Service and Partnership

“This afternoon is about taking the time to say thanks” said the USAMMCE Commander, Colonel Mark Stubbs in a ceremony on 25 October at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE).

After introducing the O&M team to the USAMMCE employees, he went on to explain that for the last ten years, Owens & Minor has provided truly outstanding support to USAMMCE as the Medical Surgical Prime Vendor. During that time O&M provided USAMMCE with 1.2 Million total lines of supplies valued at over $565 Million.

“For ten years, O&M has not only been our Source of Supply, but our partner that helped ensure our success in saving lives throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East”, said Colonel Stubbs in closing.

The O&M team was given a USAMMCE print as a token of appreciation.


US Army Europe (USAREUR) and Seventh Army Commanding General visits USAMMCE

USAREUR Commanding General, Lieutenant General Mark P. Hertling visited the US Army Medical Material Center - Europe on 19 Oct. to meet with Soldiers and get a first-hand look at USAMMCE’s operation and capabilities. Colonel Mark Stubbs, the USAMMCE commander welcomed the opportunity to show the General all that the command has to offer.

“I am amazed at the level of support USAMMCE provides to areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, China and numerous countries around the world,” said Hertling.

He went on to say that USAMMCE employs a group of highly professional Soldiers

LTG Hertling arrival.LTG Hertling and COL Stubbs
LTG Hertling having lunch with Soldiers.

and Civilians who enjoy what they do and do it extremely well.

Even though, Lt. Gen. Hertling’s schedule was tightly packed, he did not want to miss the chance to have lunch with USAMMCE Soldiers. All of the Soldiers said that having lunch with the General was very relaxed and comfortable and that he was not only interested in them professionally, but also on a personal level. According to Spc. Jason Roth, Lt. Gen. Hertling was very curious about what the Soldiers thought was special about USAMMCE and how they liked being assigned to the unit.

“The General seemed very impressed with the USAMMCE mission,” Sgt. Benjamin Haley added.

USAMMCE congratulates EDOCS course graduates.

USAMMCE congratulates EDOCS course graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), Center of Excellence course. Five students from Germany and Afghanistan completed this week-long course on 23 September at USAMMCE. USAMMCE’S Clinical Engineering Division (CED) offers two ATRRS courses:

The Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System (EDOCS) Sustainment and Repair course and the Medical Maintenance Management course. The target audiences for these courses are Active and Reserve Component 68A Enlisted personnel (E1-E7) and Department of the Army Civilians in the grades of GS-05 and above. Registration can be done through ATRRS. For FY 12 USAMMCE offers 4 EDOCS and 2 Medical Maintenance Management courses. Course dates will be announced shortly on ATRRS.

These courses are locally funded and units must pay the TDY cost for their personnel.


Cast and Crew: Dr. Navo and his wife Cheryl back row, 3d and 4th from leftCheryl Navo receiving award for best debut director.

USAMMCE Couple takes home trophies in “One Act Play Festival”

USAMMCE’s very own thespians, Dr. Tom and Mrs. Cheryl Navo participated in the US Army Europe’s Festival of One Act Plays, which was held from 7-9 October at

the Heidelberg Road Side Theater. This annual festival featured thirteen US ArmyTheater groups from all over Europe.

Although not on stage this time, Dr. Navo and his wife Cheryl won trophies for 3d place stage manager and best debut director, respectively.

The play, Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” won seven awards altogether, including awards for best costumes, sets, and makeup.

According to Tom Navo, he and his wife spend a lot of their free time volunteering for the “KMC onstage” theater group. During the last two plus years, they have participated in 12 shows, either on stage or behind the scenes.

USAMMCE LSS Graduates:  left to right back row:  Mr. Markus Wittal, Ms. Andrea Tylla, CPT Dana Love, Ms. Doris Brackmann, Mr. David Marshall, HM2 Michael Price, Ms. Lee Tapia (Instructor).  Front row:  Ms. Jutta Herold (USAMMCE Green Belt and mentor), Mr. Jorge Olmeda, Ms. Petra Funk, CPT Jisun Lim, Mr. Juergen Kreissl.

Ten future Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belts graduate at USAMMCE

On 30 September, ten USAMMCE LSS Green Belt candidates graduated at a ceremony here.


The Employees went through two one-week blocks of class room training to complete the first step in becoming a LSS Green Belt.

According to Mrs. Jutta Herold, a USAMMCE Green Belt and mentor for the candidates,

LSS is taught in two steps, the class room training followed by the completion of an actual project.

Division Chiefs normally propose the projects to the USAMMCE Commander for approval. Final approval is given at the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USMRMC), USAMMCE’s higher headquarters.

Some projects are also dictated by Balance Score Card initiatives, ISO findings, higher head quarters audit or internal survey findings. The projects are process oriented and must yield a savings of $50,000.00 or more.

MAJ Jason Mathre, one of the two USAMMCE Black Belt candidates and Chief of the Resource Management Division, explained that “LSS is the Army’s approved methodology for continuous process improvement and to meet the efficiency savings goals established by the Secretary of Defense”.

Mr. Juergen Kreissl a USAMMCE Local National employee, said: “It was one of the toughest classes I ever attended”. He went on to say, that for a non native English language speaker it was hard to learn and understand the LSS terminology. With LSS he hopes not to only approve USAMMCE’s business processes, but will use some of it in his daily life.

CPT Dana Love, Chief of Transportation Branch, explained that learning LSS gives him the tools, to assess and implement good changes in his current environment. He praised Mrs. Lee Tapia, the LSS instructor, as an exceptional instructor, who was able to show the students how taking this course can change the environment they work in.

All of the candidates agreed that attending this training will enable them to improve their work processes.

USAMMCE congratulates all of the candidates.

RDML BAUCOM tours USAMMCE D&T.RDML BAUCOM tries on glasses in USAMMCE Optical Lab.


On 28 September 2011, the newly assigned Commander of the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLA-TS), Navy Rear Admiral (RDML) David F. BAUCOM visited USAMMCE in connection with his orientation tour to one of his forward-deployed activities, the DLA-TS, Europe and Africa, located in Kaiserslautern,


After receiving a Command Briefing on the mission and functions of USAMMCE, the Admiral was able to tour the USAMMCE production, storage, and distribution areas.

USAMMCE serves as the Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel throughout the European and African Continents and is the primary link to the DLA Executive Agency program for Class VIII. It is a partner of DLA-TS and processes approximately $200M in sales annually from DLA-TS Pharmaceutical and Medical Surgical Contracts.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Christopher Todd, USAMMCE’s Chief of Transportation and Distribution Division said: “We are grateful for the chance to brief the Admiral on the opportunities presented and the challenges faced by USAMMCE in providing medical materiel support to both, peacetime and operational healthcare in three different combatant commands. DLA-TS and USAMMCE share some of the same challenges in the management of medical materiel.

According to Mr. Adam Cohen, Chief of Commodity Services, DLA-TS, the Admiral was very impressed with USAMMCE’s overall operation, particularly the Optical Lab and the kitting operation.



On 16 September at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE), as part of their annual Organizational Day (O’Day), COL William M. Stubbs, the USAMMCE Commander and Mr. Michael Schieler, one of the city’s mayors, unveiled USAMMCE’s very own Pirmasens Bull.

The colorful bulls, each one in a different design and color, can be found all over the city of Pirmasens. They stand for the leather that is used in the shoe industry which Pirmasens is famous for. COL Stubbs said: “I feel honored to unveil this bull today with Mr. Michael Schieler. The bull symbolizes the decades of friendship with the Host Nation City of Pirmasens.”

Mr. Michael Schieler, thanked COL Stubbs for the invitation and said that the bull at this location means a lot to the city and that he sees it as a gesture that demonstrates the bond between the US Army and the Host Nation City.

Placing a bull at USAMMCE was the idea of Major Michael Ronn, the USAMMCE Pharmacist, who unfortunately couldn’t be present. The bull was purchased with donations from the employees.

Cutting the cake - USAMMCE Commander and 1FCK mascot Betzi cut the cake.USAMMCE Soccer teams, winning team with trophy.

USAMMCE Bull and Team USAMMCE.Unveiling the bull - Mr. Michael Schieler and USAMMCE Commander unveil bull..

For the little ones, the USS USAMMCE bouncing ship.Betzi, the 1FCK mascot.

Another highlight of the day was the presence of the 1FCK mascot, Betzi. The 1FCK, also known as the red devils, is a major league soccer team out of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Betzi spent about an hour at USAMMCE and assisted COL Stubbs in cutting the cake and took pictures with the employees.

At the end of the day everyone agreed that this was one of the best O’days USAMMCE had ever had.



On 9 June, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe hosted 17 Soldiers from the German Army Medical Supply and Maintenance Depot, located in Pfungstadt, Germany for a Professional Development Day.

The German Depot was activated on 1 July 2008 as part of a Bundeswehr re-organization initiative and took over the mission of the former Medical Depot in Lorsch. They are headquartered by the Medical Command II (SanKdoII) located in Dietz, Germany.
The Medical Depot in Pfungstadt consists of approximately 128 Soldiers and 7 civilians and supplies 60,000 troops in 4 German states and deployed units in

Group photo.Optical Division.
Clinical Engineering Division.Clinical Engineering Division.

Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as German Soldiers stationed in the United States at Holloman AFB, NM, Luke AFB, AZ, Ft. Bliss, TX, Canada, and Sardinia.

Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by the USAMMCE Commander, Colonel William M. Stubbs. The Deputy Commander for Operations, LTC Douglas Galuszka, gave them an overview of the USAMMCE mission and the USAMMCE TEWLS experts demonstrated the TEWLS operating system, followed by a tour through the different divisions and the warehouses.

Oberfeldwebel (1SG and Training NCO) Tina Lehnhaeuser said. "I am very impressed with the TEWLS system and what it can do in the warehouse, especially the hand-held scanners are a big help." The German Depot also works with a SAP based system, but according to them, their system is not as sophisticated as TEWLS.

After lunch, USAMMCE Soldiers introduced their German counterparts to the requirements for the Expert Field Medical Badge and demonstrated 3 EFMB tasks. Then, for the rest of the afternoon, the German Soldiers were separated by MOS and sent to the respective USAMMCE Divisions to perform some hands-on training.

The Maintenance NCO, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Klaus Henrikus explained that the technology for calibrating and repairing medical equipment and shop operations are the same on both sides and that they work on American equipment as well.
Before departing, the Company Commander, HPT (CPT) Stephan Schledt said: "Everything is very impressive and you have top notch technology which makes everything faster and easier."

It was a successful day and both sides agreed to have more Professional Developments and cultural exchanges in the future in order to strengthen the German/American partnership.



On 6 May, the smell of BBQ was in the air over the USAMMCE running track in Pirmasens, Germany, as volunteers prepared for the USAMMCE family fun day. Each year in spring, USAMMCE hosts an event for the children of the local orphanage, the Nardini House, and USAMMCE families. This year, 41 children and their chaperones from the Nardini house joined USAMMCE families for an afternoon filled with fun, games, prizes, and food.

Col William M. Stubbs, the USAMMCE Commander, welcomed everyone and wished them all a good time.

Under blue skies and summer temperatures, the children enjoyed the treasure hunt and the many games and crafts that USAMMCE volunteers had set up for them.

While some of them had their faces painted, others played musical chairs or just ran around the track. One little boy, Daniel Keller, age 10, made a necklace and matching bracelet to cheer up his little sister, who was in the hospital and couldn’t be there.

According to Mrs. Renate Gerlich, the director of the Orphanage, the children were

Scavenger huntFace painting
Hotdog eating contestRaffle prizes

excited about coming to USAMMCE. For many of them it was their second or third visit.

Keanu Germesin, age 11 said: I’m looking forward to the hot dog eating contest and explained that he especially liked the hamburgers that USAMMCE personnel prepared for them.

One of the chaperones, Ms. Christine Rock, mentioned that everyone enjoys the warm welcome they receive every time they visit and that it makes the children feel at ease.

Mr.Wolfgang Ehl, who accompanied 3 of his 7 children to the event, said: it is a great opportunity to spend the afternoon with my children and do something fun that doesn’t cost any money. He especially liked the BBQ.

The Orphanage also serves as a temporary foster home for children from underprivileged families.

At the end of the day each child received a raffle ticket for one of the gifts that USAMMCE employees had donated for the event.

VPP Workshop Picture 1VPP Workshop Picture 2

USAMMCE VPP Workshop draws 116 Attendees

From 4 to 7 April the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosted the Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Workshop to continue its VPP effort for the command.

The workshop was divided into two 2-day sessions. Day One was geared to Commanders and Managers and Day Two addressed Supervisors, Additional Duty Safety Representatives, and employees. Subjects ranged from Management and Employee involvement in the VPP process to union participation and workplace hazard identification. The European Regional Medical Command (ERMC), Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC), as well as the Baumholder Medical Clinic sent representatives to the workshop.

 At the end of the workshop COL Stubbs, the USAMMCE Commander, thanked the DoD VPP Center of Excellence team for coming to Germany and sharing their Safety and Occupational Health insights with Team USAMMCE. COL Stubbs voiced great appreciation for all that participated in the workshop.

USAMMCE started its VPP Stage I effort in June of 2010 and received a 66% Stage I completion. By the start of the VPP workshop USAMMCE had attained a 78% completion rate. As of 11 April 2011, USAMMCE is at 90 % Stage I completion. The goal is to complete Stage I by July 2011 and move into Stage II, the implementation part of VPP.

SFC Lehman marching (note he had to wear civilian clothes while in Kenya)USAMMCE Soldier earns German Army Proficiency Badge in Kenya

USAMMCE Soldier earns German Army Proficiency Badge in Kenya

While on a joint USAMMCE/WRAIR TDY mission to provide Medical Maintenance support to USAMRU-K research facilities, located in several areas across Kenya,

SFC Nathan Lehman had an opportunity to complete his road march to earn the German Proficiency Badge.

With the help of WRAIR NCO, SGT Erik Pollender, who was certified through the German Embassy to be a grader for the German Proficiency Badge, SFC Lehman was able to complete this last required event. SFC Lehman had completed all the other events at USAMMCE, his duty station in Germany.

Lehman and Pollender had to finish the ruck march in less than 2 hours, carrying 15kg rucksacks. They finished the march in 1 hour and 42 minutes at over 5800 ft elevation at the Findley Tea Plantation in Kericho, Kenya.

USAMMCE Commander COL William M. Stubbs and Mr. John Post, Department of State congratulate Col Doerr.Group Shot of OPH Team  (all civilians w. exception of Mr. Post, are USAMMCE HAP).

Operation Provide Hope Recognition Ceremony at USAMMCE

On 17 March, the United States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe hosted a Recognition Ceremony for team members of the Department of State’s recently

completed Operation Provide Hope (OPH) mission to Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine.

The mission lasted from October 2009 to October 2010 and was the first mission to this part of the Ukraine. It consisted of 96 13 meter trucks full of equipment worth 22.5 Million, for 7 major medical hospitals and 2 large dental clinics, one of them a teaching clinic.

Mr. John Post, the Deputy Director for Humanitarian Assistance, Office of the Coordinator for US Assistance to Europe and Eurasia, along with COL William M. Stubbs, the USAMMCE Commander, and Mr. Louis DeAndrade, the Chief of the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) here, presented certificates to team members from the Air Force and USAMMCE.

According to John Post, the best part of his job is seeing the smiles of the hospital staff when they receive their equipment after doing without for many years. Post went on to say that it’s also a good training opportunity for the troops, because they are faced with situations that they wouldn’t incur at their home station.

The team chief Col Doerr, Deputy Commander for the 86th Dental Squadron on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, said: it was a tough mission, but those tough days make you stronger. He also said that the mission would not have been possible without the dedicated workers in the USAMMCE HAP warehouse here, who ensured that everything got packed and ready for shipment on time.

Mr. Louis DeAndrade thanked his employees and the Air Force team for a successful mission, as did COL Stubbs. Mr. DeAndrade explained that each mission consists of 3 parts: preparing, packing, unpacking and training. He further explained that they film the training for the hospital staff, so that they can use it to train other staff members.

Operation Provide Hope was established by the US Department of State in 1992, under the Freedom of Support Act and uses medical excess from closing Military Hospitals and Clinics around the world to support the Newly Established Countries of the Former Soviet Union.

Second Place team, left to right – German Soldiers, SSG Bullock  and PV2 Roth

USAMMCE Soldiers place second in German Army Winter Biwak

Staff Sergeant Jason Bullock and Private Second Class Jason Roth, won second place in the annual Winter Biwak sponsored by the German Army Reserve unit in Glanbruecken, Germany.

During this competition, participants are split into teams and have to accomplish several tasks during the night.

This year’s event started at 1800 on 28 January and lasted until Saturday Morning 29 January. The USAMMCE Soldiers were teamed up with 3 German Civilians and an active duty Master Sergeant from the German Army. The teams had to pass 4 stations over an eight kilometer course. The stations consisted of spot and report using Night Vision, identifying 60 NATO vehicles, fire starting, and marksmanship with European style air rifles used for competitions.

According to SSG Bullock, the most challenging for the USAMMCE team was identifying the 60 NATO vehicles. They only had 10 seconds per vehicle and some of them were taken in night vision, burned out, or buried to the roof in sand. However, they managed to identify 50 vehicles.



On 22 January, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosted its Annual New Year’s reception.

The USAMMCE Commander, COL William M. Stubbs and the USAMMCE SGM, SGM William Majors, welcomed almost 200 guests from the Host Nation Government, local communities, German and US Military Leaders, and friends.

As part of the event, Mrs. Brigitte Mack, SGM William Majors, and MSG Terri Dickerson were inducted into the ”Order of Military Medical Merit”, also known as O2M3.

Two German Army Soldiers and one local mayor received the “Friend of the Regiment” award for their significant contributions to USAMMCE.

The afternoon’s entertainment was provided by the USAREUR Band Jazz Combo and the Landgrafengarde, a local dance group featuring traditional German dances.

BannerSupport for life
Friend of the RegimentOrder of Military Medical Merit
USAMMCE Military & BundeswehrChimney sweep
Landgrafengarde dancingLandgrafengarde with Princess

CPT Smith is welcomed back


On 7 February, USAMMCE welcomed back one of its deployed Soldiers, CPT David L. Smith.
CPT Smith was on a yearlong deployment to Iraq with the 21st Combat Support Hospital out of FT. Hood, Texas.

According to CPT Smith, the deployment was a good experience. However, he is happy to be back, although he misses the many care packages that his friends and co-workers from USAMMCE sent him during the year.. Before coming back, he took a well deserved break with his family in Georgia.

Unfortunately, he will not stay at USAMMCE long, in about 60 days; he will depart to attend the Captain’s Career Course. His goal is to come back to USAMMCE as the Commander one day.

Santa and his helpers


Members of Team USAMMCE and their families enjoyed the best Christmas tree lighting ceremony ever.

After opening remarks by the USAMMCE Commander, COL William M. Stubbs and Chaplain Collier’s Invocation, the USAMMCE Carolers and the rest of the team sang Christmas songs and read the Christmas Story.

There was even a USAMMCE unique TEWLS version of the twelve days of Christmas.

But what would a Christmas celebration be without Santa Claus and his helpers? The Children’s faces lit up when Santa (Mr. Phil Assaf), Mrs. Claus (MSG Teri Dickerson), his Elf (SPC Samuel Gonzalez), and Rudolph (HM2 Price) arrived to present gifts to young and old. Santa handed out a few bags of coal as well.

It was a fun filled afternoon with lots of Christmas cookies and hot cider. Everyone enjoyed the break from their busy work schedule.

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In keeping with tradition, and to kick off the Holiday Season, the USAMMCE Officers, including the Commander, William M. Stubbs and the USAMMCE Enlisted Soldiers played their annual Turkey Bowl game on 24 November 2010 on the USAMMCE sports field.

After a fast game on a very muddy field, the Officers beat the NCOs by 22-18. This marks the 3d year in a row that the Officers won.

But, no matter what the score, everyone had fun playing the game.

PosterIn Action
The TeamsThe End


USAMMCE Soldier joins Operation Provide Hope team in the Ukraine USAMMCE

SSG Lehman, one of USAMMCE’s Biomedical Service Technicians, joined the Operation Provide Hope team at the Ukraine from 17 September to 2 October, to inspect and service Medical Equipment. The team consisted of 4 Airmen, 2 USAMMCE DACs and SSG Lehman. Together with his team mates, SSG Lehman inspected over 2000 pieces of medical equipment in several locations.

By doing so, they helped the Ukraine increase the standard of healthcare they provide to their citizens and contributed to the success of the mission.

SSG Lehmann works on Medical Equipment.SSG Lehman works on incubator.
Team unloads Medical Equipment.Temporary Maintenance Facility.

Operation Provide Hope is a Humanitarian Assistance program to the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union, sponsored by the Department of State. Most of the supplies and equipment come from the Department of Defense excess program.



On 10 and 11 September 2010, four USAMMCE Soldiers participated in the German Army Land Military Capability Competition 2010, in Kusel, Germany.
This competition was sponsored by the State Command Rhineland Pfalz and the Rhineland Pfalz Association of the Bundeswehr Reserves. Next to Active Duty German Army teams, German Army Reserve teams, Allied Nations’ teams, and Civilian support teams participated to test their skills.
The competition consisted of various tasks including Buddy Aid, Land Navigation, Mine detection procedures, a 12 Mile Rucksack March, high rope crossing, shooting competitions, and many more. Teams had to pass 19 stations to determine the points for each team.

Left to right:  SSG Maria Negrete, CPL Grady Clark, SSG Jose Martinez, SSG Jason Bullock.CPL Clark in front of German Tank.
USAMMCE Team carrying German weapons.USAMMCE team members proudly display their medals and a certificate.

Although the USAMMCE team did not win the overall competition, they placed third among the international teams. According to SSG Bullock, the team captain, the USAMMCE team enjoyed the camaraderie and gained some valuable insight in how the German Army conducts their military training.

The USAMMCE team consisted of SSG Jose Martinez, SSG Maria Negrete, SSG Jason Bullock, and CPL Grady Clark.


Change of Command Ceremony

On 23 July at 1400 on Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Colonel Mitchell E. Brew handed over the USAMMCE Colors and the USAMMCE mission to his successor, Colonel William “Mark” Stubbs.

“Colonel Brew was an outstanding commander that took USAMMCE to the next level”, but no one is better qualified to replace him than Colonel Stubbs, said MG James K. Gilman, Commanding General of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) and Ft. Detrick, MD on Friday afternoon in his speech.

Many guests and USAMMCE personnel came out to say farewell to Colonel Brew as he moves to his new assignment as the 21st TSC’s Chief of Staff in Kaiserslautern.

The new Commander, Colonel Stubbs was welcomed with open arms as he is no stranger to USAMMCE and has served in different positions here from 1999-2001 and again as Deputy Commander for Operations since July 2009. “This is a dream

From left to right, Colonel Mitchell E. Brew (Outgoing Commander), Major General James K. Gilman (Reviewing Officer), Colonel William M. Stubbs (Incoming Commander)380th Army Band from Virginia, commanded by CW4 Kathy Landas
Change of Command CeremonyPassing of the Colors
Remarks by Outgoing Colonel Mitchell E. BrewChange of Command Ceremony

come true for us” said Stubbs in his speech.

The Soldiers of the Lazarettregiment 21 from the German Army State Command Rheinland Pfalz joined the USAMMCE Soldiers on the field. Music was provided by the 380th Army Band from Virginia, commanded by CW4 Kathy Landas.

Length of Service CeremonyLTC Douglas Galuszka was inducted into the Order of Military Medical Merit (O2M3)

USAMMCE’s Length of Service Awards Ceremony

On 9 July 2010, at Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) conducted a Length of Service Ceremony for its long-term employees.

Employees were honored for 40, 35, 30, and 25 years of service or a total of 790 years. “You are too young to have worked for the Army for 40 years” COL Brew, the USAMMCE Commander said. Then he highlighted events from those years, starting with 1970. COL Brew is very proud of his employees and their accomplishments.

At the end of the ceremony, a special award was given to an USAMMCE officer. LTC Douglas Galuszka was inducted into the Order of Military Medical Merit (O2M3).

After receiving their awards, the employees celebrated with a buffet and cake.


USAMMCE holds Force Protection Exercise

On 23 June 2010, USAMMCE conducted a Force Protection Exercise. Object of the exercise was to test the response times and coordination between the German Police, Fire Department, Emergency Services, and the US Military, as well as USAMMCE’s emergency procedures.

Starting at 0825 on 23 June, bomb blasts shook Husterhoeh Kaserne in Pirmasens, Germany, killing the “would be” terrorist and injuring 5 employees.

This was the scenario during an Annual Force Protection Exercise at USAMMCE.

Immediately after the first blast, the alarm went off and emergency procedures were set into place.

Force Protection Exercise.Force Protection Exercise.
Force Protection Exercise.Force Protection Exercise.

At 0831 German Police arrived on scene and secured the area. Shortly thereafter, the local Fire Department and Ambulance Services arrived.

After the decontamination unit of the local fire department detected a Chlorine gas concentration in the air, they quickly set up a decontamination tent and decontaminated everything that came in contact with the blast site to include the clothes of the injured.

During a sweep of the area with a bomb dog, more explosives were detected, temporarily halting rescue procedures to a nearby building. After 3 more bomb blasts, the building was cleared and the Emergency responders rescued 5 injured employees, some of them critically wounded. German Emergency Physician Dr. Tobias Floeser performed TRIAGE to have the most critically injured evacuated by helicopter to a hospital best equipped to treat the injuries. The other wounded were taken to the hospital by ambulance or treated on site. In an interview after the exercise, Dr. Floeser commented that from a medical standpoint the simulated injuries looked very authentic.

German Police Liaison Officer Ralph Ullrich, Police Officer in Charge Mr. Sven Mayer, Dr. Tobias Floeser, and US Army Fire and Emergency Services Chief, Mr. Juergen Stegner, were all satisfied with the exercise and the team work between local services and the US Army. Everyone agreed that the scenario presented was very realistic and that the exercise was very well executed.

The Exercise concluded at 1015.

Road March.Graduation day - Soldiers facing forward from left to right:  MAJ Ronn, CPT Bonney, CPT Clarkson, CPT Lim, and SSG Martinez.


On 12 June, five USAMMCE soldiers earned the EFMB Badge. After many hours of preparing, and two weeks of strenuous training and taking tests, these five Soldiers proofed worthy of wearing the EFMB badge.

USAMMCE congratulates: MAJ Ronn, CPT Lim, CPT Bonney, CPT Clarkson, and SSG Martinez.

Group photo with Mr. Gale and COL Mitchell Brew wearing historical head gear.


On 10/11 June, 30 Soldiers and Civilians from the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe traveled on the path of history by visiting the Battle fields of Waterloo in Belgium, where Napoleon Bonaparte fought and lost his final battle in June of 1815.

The trip was very interesting and taught us a lot about that historic battle. We were fortunate to have Mr. Ian Gale, author of the best selling historical fiction novel “4 Days in June”, as our lecturer and tour guide as well as COL (R) Leif Johnson as our historian.

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Farewell Command Sgt. Maj. Hunt

Farewell Command Sgt. Maj. Hunt

Sgt. Maj. David Hunt, the Senior Enlisted advisor for the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Europe was laterally promoted to Command Sergeant Major.

Hunt will depart USAMMCE and will report as the Battalion Command Sgt. Maj. for the 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Job Shadow 2010

Deployed Air Force Team participates in Job Shadow Day at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe in Pirmasens

On 22 April, children of the Soldiers and Civilians of the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) enjoyed some time at work with their parents.

After a short welcome and a movie about USAMMCE, the children were served breakfast and then taken to the different areas in USAMMCE, where they could have a firsthand look and some hand-on experience with the important work that their parents do each day, supplying medical materiel to units throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

A group of 4 Airmen, deployed to USAMMCE on a 6 - month rotation, showed the children how medical materiel is prepared for shipment to the different units.

At the end of the morning, each child received a certificate before being returned to their parent.


USAMMCE Soldiers participate with German Army Reservists in Black Powder Range

Some USAMMCE Soldiers received a chance to shoot antique weapons at a Black Powder Range sponsored by the German Army Reservists located in Glanbruecken, Germany on 10 April.

After a safety brief on how to handle gunpowder and instructions on how to load these weapons, the Soldiers and Civilians had the opportunity to shoot the antique weapons. They shot Flintstone Rifles, Percussion Cap weapons, and muskets ranging from .45 to .69 calibers. Distances shot were 25-100 meters. These weapons were used in the 1600-1800s and some of them actually dated back to that time.

It was a noisy, fun filled afternoon with lots of powder smoke filling the air.
After the shoot, everyone enjoyed the camaraderie while having a meal together.

Safety brief on how to handle a muzzleloader.Preparation of black powder.
Shooting with a percussion cap pistol.Team picture.

USAMMCE Awards Ceremony and TEWLS CelebrationThe ceremony included a cake cutting

USAMMCE Awards Ceremony and TEWLS Celebration

On 1 April, employees of the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) took an hour out of their busy schedules to conduct an award ceremony and to celebrate the completion of the fielding portion of the TEWLS


TEWLS is USAMMCE’s new automated supply distribution system, replacing the outdated TAMMIS system. After years of planning and months of working long hours, TEWLS finally went live across the Enterprise (USAMMC-K, USAMMC-SWA, and USAMMCE).

COL Brew, the USAMMCE commander said, the employees deserved to take some time out to celebrate. After the official portion, was over, everyone enjoyed some coffee and cake.


USAMMCE Easter Event

On 27 March, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) held their 2d annual Easter Celebration.

The USAMMCE social group and many volunteers sponsored this event for Children of USAMMCE Families and the local Orphanage.

Besides games, there were food and prizes, and of course, a traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Despite the rainy weather, the 23 Orphans and about 35 USAMMCE children ranging from 1 year to 13 years of age had a great time.

USAMMCE Easter EventUSAMMCE Easter Event
USAMMCE Easter EventUSAMMCE Easter Event

Frocking Ceremonycake cutting

USAMMCE holds Frocking Ceremony

A frocking ceremony was held on Friday, 19 February at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe.

SGM Hunt has been at USAMMCE since June 2009 and feels very proud to be

selected for promotion to Sergeant Major and his new role. Getting a Sergeant Major position added to its TDA shows the critical part that USAMMCE plays in the medical logistics arena.

SGM Hunt said that the support of his family and the guidance and mentoring he received as a young Staff Sergeant from the First Sergeants of the 421st Evacuation Battalion helped him get where he is today.


CW4 Karen Droessler's Retirement Ceremony

A retirement ceremony for CW4 Karen Droessler, Chief, Clinical Engineering Div, USAMMCE was held on 5 February 2010 at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe.

Friends, co-workers, and family members joined in to bid Chief Droessler farewell.

Chief Droessler retired from Active Duty after 25 years of Military Service.

CW4 Karen Droessler's Retirement CeremonyCW4 Karen Droessler's Retirement Ceremony
CW4 Karen Droessler's Retirement CeremonyChief Droessler is congratulated by her sister Mrs. Janet Gaganis

New Year's cake

USAMMCE New Year’s Reception 2010

On 30 January, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe hosted its Annual New Year’s reception. The USAMMCE Commander, COL Mitchell E. Brew welcomed 162 guests from the Host Nation Government, local communities, and German and US Military Leaders.

As part of the event, an Awards ceremony was conducted to induct two USAMMCE members into the Order of Military Medical Merit (O2M3).

The music was provided by the USAREUR Band and Chorus Brass Quintet.

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Senior Maintenance Working Group meets at USAMMCESenior Maintenance Working Group meets at USAMMCE

Senior Maintenance Working Group meets at USAMMCE

The US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) hosted the Senior Maintenance Working Group in February. This was the first time that Warrant

Officers and Senior NCOs from across the Medical Command and European based

TO&E and field units met at USAMMCE to discuss strategic maintenance objectives and the Medical Maintenance Balance Score Card. The group meets quarterly in different locations and conducts teleconferences every two weeks.

USAMMCE receives ISO certification

USAMMCE receives ISO certification

(Pirmasens, Germany) – Representing the ISO certification authority Mr. Konermann from TUEV Rheinland presented the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) with three ISO Certificates during an awards ceremony on 21 October 2009.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards. These standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - and at an economical cost.

Once a company or organization has been independently audited and is certified to be in conformance with ISO standards it may publicly state that it is "ISO certified." USAMMCE received its first ISO certification for IS0 9001:2008 (Quality Control) in 2002. Since then, USAMMCE was certified in two additional areas, ISO 18001:2007 (Safety and Occupational Health, OSHAS), and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental). With the external audits in June 2009, the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe became the only MEDCOM unit to be certified in all 3 standards.

The Picture shows COL Brew, COL Stubbs, Mr. Konermann,. TUEV Rheinland representative, SGM Hunt, and MG Gilman proudly displaying the 3 certificates.

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